Women’s History Month Salute

Since the dawn of time, women have been at the cornerstone of life. Somehow along the way, we (men) forgot that, and stopped honoring the power to create and the strength to enact that women hold.

My life and career have been feathered with the strongest of women. My mother and god-mother, who played the dual role of parent for me. Sandi Friedman, who played the dual role of Jewish-mom and organization leader for me. Ellen Jones who sparked a love for learning in me that has never gone out and Athena Fliakos who breathed on those embers the one (or two or three) times boarding school nearly quashed my zeal.

There have been so many great women who’ve carried me to where I currently stand.

Today, I take pause to honor a trifecta of women who are movements by theirselves but a force when they’re together: the Chair and Vice-Chairs of Change for Kids.


These women are living history. Giants in their own regards, in areas of life that may have never connected. Each is vastly different from the other. Yet, with their powers combined, they’ve led Change for Kids into this new decade.

The nonprofit sector in NYC has been traditionally male lead. I can imagine what their trek to shattering this invisible wall has been. They’ve broken the mold in an effort to ensure that future generations can overcome inequity. And for that, I salute them.

I salute them as mothers who push the envelope to ensure the safety, care and love for each of their own children - and deeper, for the children of NYC. I salute them as professionals in their fields who stand within the “boys clubs” of their industries and not just “hold their own” but stand out from the crowd. I salute them as leaders who take time to understand their own voices to help elevate the voices of others. I salute them as colleagues who bring critical thought, deep analysis and thoughtful structure to all they do. I salute them as friends who hold me accountable while sprinkling joy on my world and care on my insecurities.

Take a pause today and let’s watch history in the making.

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