The Story Pirates’ New First Mates at P.S. 15

Excitement is in the air as the students eagerly await the Story Pirates’ inaugural performance of original P.S. 15 work. The anticipation is palpable. Instead of the usual hallway chatter, the third and fourth grade students have been focused on whose work will be presented.

Equally exciting is thstory-pirates e fact that the students at P.S. 15 are experiencing the Story Pirates for the first time. To help them fully understand the process, the 3rd and 4th grade classes were first treated to a Story Pirate performance in which they were able to watch the players perform stories written by students at different schools. With their imaginations ready to go, our students then went through two weeks of workshops, during which they crafted original stories. The workshops focused on creating a great character, and having those characters solve a problem. And wow, what characters they created.

To add to the excitement, employees of Schreck Rose, the current program sponsor, joined a group of dedicated CFK volunteers last month to give their critiques of the stories. The attendees were impressed by the imagination and work of the students. But even these insiders are currently unaware as to whose stories will be performed.

Stay tuned to find out whose characters will be brought to life, and what kind of inventive hurdles their characters have to overcome!