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Mental health is equally as important as physical health, and each can affect the other in myriad ways. However, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and the open discussion and treatment thereof. If you felt sick, or you thought your ankle might be sprained, or you seemed to be having an allergic reaction, you wouldn’t hesitate to go to the doctor and treat those issues impacting your physical health – why should mental health be any different?


Volunteers inspire, coach and mentor our students, and enrich our school communities.


This is National Volunteer Month, a time that always makes me reflect on how grateful I am for the volunteers that helped me learn, who shaped my determination to make a difference for kids into my choice as a career. I originally got involved in volunteer work because of the impact it had on me as a child. I saw that positive role models cared about my well being, my education, and my future. Volunteers can serve as a catalyst to demonstrate to children that there are multiple ways to escape the cycle of poverty, inequity, and despair. Children have the future in their hands, and being someone who can help them mold that future is what the volunteers in our schools provide.


All children – no matter what their learning style – can learn at high levels.


April is Autism Awareness Month (also known as Autism Acceptance Month). Change for Kids emphasizes Social-Emotional programs for our schools that are designed to help create an environment in which all children can learn at high levels. Every student in every school deserves a quality education – no matter what their learning style is – and every student can learn and achieve.  

Our CFK School Managers often interact with students who have a variety of neurodiverse issues that affect the ways they learn and socialize. Here’s one story of academic triumph, as reported by CFK School Manager Charlotte Bush.


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