Healthy Harvest 2018

On Tuesday, November 20th, PS 142, one of our thirteen partner schools, celebrated its third annual Harvest Feast. It was exactly what a feast should be: delicious, fun, and a grateful gathering of community. Seventeen of RBC’s volunteers fed over 300 members of our school community with amazing catered food from Sophie’s. An additional sixteen families in transitional housing fed their families the following night with the leftovers, extending the impact of RBC’s generosity from one evening to multiple days of Thanksgiving meals for entire families. To ensure no one went home hungry or empty-handed, RBC and CFK provided 40 families with amazing food gift baskets via raffle, and five more families received Visa gift cards.

88% - that’s nearly all - of the students in the school are identified as being in economic need by NYC DOE. Which means they are experiencing economic hardship based on temporary housing, eligibility for public housing, and Census tract poverty rates.

The Harvest Feast plays a role in helping PS 142 make its mission of equity and social justice real. The school encourages students to develop a sense of agency and excitement for learning that extends beyond the classroom, and it was a pure delight for CFK’s staff and the RBC volunteers to help feed their bodies as well their minds. The event exemplifies both CFK’s and PS 142’s shared values of being responsive to the needs of the scholars and school community at large.

We are proud to support their efforts in creating an emotionally and academically supportive environment for all students, allowing them to develop empathy for others and be challenged to achieve at high levels.

We’re very grateful to RBC, all the volunteers, and to the entire PS 142 community. It was a truly great night for teachers, kids, parents, and volunteers to bond and feast as one big PS 142 family!

RBC is already making plans for next year’s Harvest Feast to be even more special. Stay tuned!