CFK’s Virtual Career Day

Monica LaBadia

On Friday, May 29, 2020, CFK was proud to host a Virtual Career Day!


Normally in May, CFK facilitates in-person Career Days with several of our corporate partners. Kids take field trips to different workplaces around the city. Through these types of opportunities that expand their awareness beyond the familiar, kids see what is possible for their unique future and be empowered to make them a reality.

And just because we are quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic does not mean we are stopping our programing! CFK decided we would still hold a Career Day, but this year, it would be Virtual.

The result was nothing short of fantastic! We had hundreds of kids tune in to each panel. Because the event was virtual, held via Zoom, students from our partner schools, like P.S. 160, Grant Avenue, P.S. 6, and P.S. 329, students from all over NYC, and students all across the country could join us. Panelists first spoke about their careers, then kids could ask their questions live as "spotlighted speakers," or they could type their questions into the chat box. The chat box was buzzing as kids asked panelists everything on their minds!

Our college panel kicked us off. We had panelists from law school, fashion school, and business school. The most popular question was, "Is college hard?" Our panelists reasoned, yes, college is hard, but it’s so worth it.

Next, we learned from panelists in the Arts and Media. Our panelists ranged from artists, to editors at Essence, to designers at frequent CFK collaborator B Floral. Kids were thrilled to meet artists and learn that careers that don’t seem "practical" are still available to them.

Midway through the day, we received this powerful message from a teacher at P.S. 160:

"The first two sessions have been really good. Good content and presentation!"

With this positive feedback driving us into the afternoon, we moved on to our Entrepreneur/Business panel. One of our panelists worked at CFK corporate partner Deloitte, and our other speakers had all started their own businesses. Kids learned how to navigate changing paths when things didn’t go as planned, and were inspired to be the agents of their own lives.

We finished our day with a STEM panel, where kids heard from healthcare researchers and app developers. We even got to talking old school video games! Kids asked what the hardest part of a job in STEM in is and heard that if you do what you love, the hard work pays off.

We are appreciative of all of our panelists who spent the day opening the minds of kids in our communities. When things can seem hopeless for a kid, whether that is from the larger circumstances of our world, or from smaller situations they find themselves in, having exposure to something different, something beyond them, can motivate them to boldly pursue their dreams. I’m excited for the art, research, apps, businesses, and who knows what else, the kids who joined us will create!

Principal Hicks of P.S. 160 sent us flying into the weekend with this note:

"I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for helping us bring Career Day to PS 160Q. It was an amazing day and you have helped spread the CFK joy into the homes of my students & teachers... Rest easy this weekend knowing that the work you are doing is meaningful, intentional, and powerful."

Monica LaBadiaFor Monica, every child is valuable and deserves to be heard. Originally from Los Angeles, prior to joining CFK, Monica worked in various roles within the non-profit arts and education spaces, including as an English teacher in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! She is also a screenwriter and playwright. She holds a BA from UC Santa Barbara and an MFA from the Writer’s Foundry. When Monica was a kid she wanted to be a marine biologist when she grew up.

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