NYC Council Funds 7th Annual Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Fernando Aguilar - Hispanic Federation: 212-233-8955, ext. 137 Joo Han - Asian American Federation: 212-344-5878, ext. 226
Joyce Ma - Coalition for Asian American Children & Families: 212-809-4675, ext. 107 Yvonne Smothers - New York Urban League: 212-926-8000, ext.142


NYC Council Funds 7th Annual Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund

​52 Nonprofits Receive Capacity-Building Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 16, 2021—New York: For the seventh consecutive year, the New York City Council has announced its support of and commitment to investing in nonprofits through the Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund (CCNSF) as we all continue to combat COVID-19. CCNSF, the first fund of its kind in New York City, was adopted in Fiscal Year 2015 to grant New York City-based nonprofits the support needed to increase capacity- building for emerging and seasoned social services organizations in response to a time of crisis and need in 2014. The Initiative serves as vital funding for nonprofits that are on the frontlines of serving communities of color, which have been disproportionately impacted by our current COVID-19 health pandemic.

There are 52 community-based organizations (CBOs) throughout New York City that will receive transformative grants, aimed to support and create critical functions, and provide economic stimuli and capacity-building support to both new and established social services organizations. These CBOs offer an array of services to New Yorkers and are being funded to address a variety of infrastructural needs, including leadership development, financial management, and outcomes system development, among others.

The coordinating organizations – Asian American Federation, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, Hispanic Federation, and New York Urban League – have been critical in leveraging dedicated nonprofit funds from the City Council. To date, $13.75 million has been committed to CCNSF, which addresses the need for capacity-building funding for nonprofit organizations in communities of color. The monies have had a considerable impact on the sustainability, growth, and prosperity of many organizations providing crucial services to the most vulnerable communities in New York City. CCNSF was championed by NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson and has broad support among Council Members, including the Black, Latino/a, and Asian Caucus. Oversight of the funding is provided by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

In addition to granting these capacity-building awards, the coordinating organizations will conduct a number of trainings covering a variety of topics, such as board development, financial management, and fundraising, which will be offered to awardees and applicants. "The Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund (CCNSF) is now in its seventh year of funding. CCNSF’s investment in Asian Pacific American-led and -serving organizations builds the critical capacity to strengthen our communities to help those in need, especially during this COVID-19 health pandemic.
During these unprecedented times, APA organizations are oftentimes the only lifelines for culturally responsive and linguistically accessible information and support for resources for APA communities, including, mental health, food, housing, public benefits, and educational and childcare support. Still, our community organizations lack needed resources to sustain the demand for services. In fact, in Fiscal Year 2021, APA organizations received only 4.65% of City Council discretionary dollars and less than 1.5% of social service contract dollars.

We thank Speaker Corey Johnson and the support of New York City Council for investing in the organizations that provide the most impactful services to address our growing and dynamic communities, and we ask that this investment in our communities increases to meet the need," said Anita Gundanna and Vanessa Leung, Co-Executive Directors of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families.

“It is with immense gratitude that we give thanks to the members of the NYC Council for their continued support of the Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund. New York City’s nonprofit organizations continue to be lifelines to the most vulnerable community members especially as COVID-19 ravages through communities of color. More than ever, CCNSF funding will play a critical role in providing organizations with resources needed to continue and expand work to meet the unique challenge of a fair and equitable recovery.” said Frankie Miranda, President and CEO of Hispanic Federation.

“With the impact of COVID, economic slowdown, and recognition of systematic racism, the work of our grassroots grantees is even more vital...NYUL is pleased to continue our partnership with the Hispanic Federation, Asian American Federation, and Coalition for Asian American Children and Families to better serve New York City neighborhoods. The financial support in core areas of nonprofit management, peer connection, and networking has greatly strengthened selected organizations. For seven years, this program has made measurable impacts in our city's valuable nonprofits and, in turn, has improved the lives of New Yorkers
throughout the City,” said Arva Rice, Executive Director of the New York Urban League.

Jo-Ann Yoo, Executive Director of the Asian American Federation said, “During a time of immense need, the City Council’s decision to continue to invest in the Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund demonstrates how integral organizations led by and serving communities of color are to the survival and safety of our most vulnerable. When COVID-19 laid bare the systemic inequities faced by our marginalized communities, it was these nonprofits that allowed low-income New Yorkers to weather and continue to overcome the hardest time of our lives. Investing in these organizations during times like these is the very reason that CCNSF was created in the first place. We thank the City Council for their unwavering support and our partners for their advocacy and hard work to make this initiative possible.”

“Volunteering with a grassroots organization in Chinatown helped launch my career in public service, so I know firsthand the importance of providing these nonprofits with leadership development, capacity-building, and other supports. Congratulations to the community-based organizations whose grants from the Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund will help ensure that critical services and programs reach even more New Yorkers,” said DYCD Commissioner Bill Chong.

CCNSF 2021 Awardees

20/20 Vision for Schools
Academy of Medical & Public Health Services Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice African Film Festival
African Voices Communications
Afro Latin Jazz Alliance of New York
America on Tech
Bedstuy Stuyvesant Gateway
Bronx Baptist Church
Brooklyn Perinatal Network
Brooklyn Raga Massive
Caribbean Equality Project
Change for Kids

College Bridge Café
Community Connections for Youth
Custom Collaborative
Elite Learners Inc.
Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project
Friends of WHEELS
Full Circle Life Enrichment
Girl Be Heard Institute
Good Old Lower East Side
Haiti Cultural Exchange
Hunts Point Alliance for Children
Japanese American Association of New York LAAL NYC
Life of Hope
Mekong NYC
Muslim Community Network
Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens CDC
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance
Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights
Ocean Bay Community Development
Peer Training
Qualitas of Life Foundation
Reading Holiday Project
Sakhi for South Asian Women
Society of the Educational Arts
Staten Island Community Job Center
Sure We Can
Teatro Circulo
Thalia Spanish Theatre
The Actors Theatre Workshop.
The Classical Theatre of Harlem
Voces Latinas Corp.
WE STAY/Nos Quedamos
Women for Afghan Women
Yemeni American Merchants Association
CCNSF was made possible by the leadership, guidance, and support from:
NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson
NYC Department of Youth and Community Development Commissioner Bill Chong NYC Council Finance Committee Chair Daniel Dromm
NYC Council Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus Co-chair Adrienne E. Adams NYC Council Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus Co-chair I. Daneek Miller NYC Council Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus Vice Co-chair Farah N. Louis NYC Council Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus Vice Co-chair Francisco Moya NYC Council Member Margaret Chin
NYC Council Member Peter Koo
NYC Council Black, Latino/a, and Asian Caucus NYC Council Finance Division
NYC Mayor’s Office of Contracts
Fund for the City of New York
CCNSF is coordinated by the following organizations:
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families Hispanic Federation
New York Urban League
Asian American Federation

For more information on the initiative, visit our website: