Bowl for Kids 2011: It’s a Wrap

After the liquor bottles were all put away, after the silent auction items went to good homes, after the CFK staff finally managed to sneak in a full night’s rest, we counted up the total income from this year’s Bowl for Kids…$188,232.

Bowl for Kids 2011 Slideshow

Which is about $41,000 more than we were able to pull in for Bowl for Kids 2010. Woohoo! Applause, applause! If you celebrated with a few too many Trips to the Principal’s Office (our signature Tom Collins, remember??), you can relive all your half-hazy memories by checking out the photos here. Most importantly, though, you should know that it’s not just our amazing student musicians who benefit from this event every year. Every single one of our programs is in the midst of expansion right now, and it’s because of people like you that our students will continue to receive the kinds of programs that foster creativity and confidence to achieve.

Bowl for Kids 2011 Photobooth

As always, major thanks go to our fabulous corporate sponsors for filling up lanes, providing cool swag, and generally making things go. To our top auction bidders for the night - Kevin and Christy Hammond, Jay Schecter and Ronnie Jaber - a very special round of (electronic) applause. Sorry you can’t hear us, but drinks are on us next time you’re in the neighborhood. Thanks as well to the winning bowl-off team, whose massive and highly unusual bowling skills allowed the the librarians of P.S. 243 to hand-select 250 books from 1,600 Random House gems. We’re pretty sure that never before in the history of the game have bowling wrong-handed or after spinning in circles had such a profound effect on a school community.

And never in the history of our organization have we had such a great time visiting with our fellow CFK community members. Thanks for making this year such a wild success. We wish you every good thing in the holiday season and in the coming year. Cheers to you!

HUGE THANKS to this year’s Bowl for Kids sponsors
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