Bowl for Kids 2010

The wild success of last week’s Bowl for Kids event left us with quite a conundrum here in the office. Is there a bowling metaphor, we wondered, that would accurately convey how ecstatic we were with the turnout and energy at Thursday’s event? Call it a strike, turkey, kingpin or a smorgasbord of spares; whatever the (cheesy) metaphor, it doesn’t do justice to the final count:

Bowl for Kids crowd


That’s enough for comprehensive programming at two of our partner schools: field trips, music lessons, literacy tutoring, Story Pirates, art education, early reading, and school supplies for 1,400 students. PLUS, enough left over to add tutoring sessions on Saturdays, expand fitness and nutrition programming, and ramp up our music program to include more students than we’ve ever been able to serve.

Beyond the numbers, though, Bowl for Kids gave us a lot of reasons to celebrate, most especially for the progress our students make every year. For those of you not with us on Thursday, you missed not only one awesome (and packed) party, but some truly inspiring performances. It’s one thing to know that your dollars are funding music lessons for NYC students; it’s something entirely different to see nine- and ten-year-olds dressed like professionals and performing with style and grace in front of a huge group of adults. Major congratulations to our three musicians—Georgia, Jessica, and Asheley—for their gutsy and very endearing work on violin and keyboard, and to Samantha, whose story “My Brother Versus the Goldfish” kept us all in stitches.

Bowl for Kids Story Pirates

“I was shy at first,” she told Lee Overtree, Story Pirates founding member, about seeing her work on stage. “But then I liked it because I want to entertain people.” We were all, of course, thrilled to hear that she had several other pieces in the works.

It was wonderful to see you all last week. It’s a real honor to have friends like you.

Bowl for Kids

Bowl for Kids

Bowl for Kids - Schecter Family

Bowl for Kids - Violins

Bowl for Kids

You can see the rest of the photos from last Thursday here.