What We Need Now: Youth Panel

Session 3: 2:15 - 3p / Session A

How to set up youth for success

Travis Welcome, Facilitator

Senior Director of Programs & Innovation,
Change for Kids

Travis Welcome Travis Welcome is a proud Brooklyn native who has been advocating on behalf of youth in the Foster Care/Child Welfare system for the last decade. Travis has previously partnered with corporations such as Macy’s, Bombas, Bank of New York Mellon, TD Bank, Apple, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Sing for Hope, NY Jets & NY Yankees to develop meaningful experiences for children who participate in the New York Foundling’s services. He is also committed to philanthropic and community involvement as he also serves as Co-Chairman for the NY Foundling Junior Board of Directors. Travis believes that with one idea and the right resources children can be taught to look beyond their circumstances so they can evolve into tomorrow’s world leaders.

Alegra G.

College Sophomore

Alegra G. Alegra wants to sit on this panel because she is interested in assisting her peers and lower classmates in advocating for themselves and helping them communicate their necessities/struggles with teachers, professors and professionals. Alegra is a former participant in the Summer Youth Employment Program through NYC (and was placed with CFK!) and her favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Marcello P.

High School Senior

Marcello is a senior in high school who is currently working as a Manhattan Youth Swim Instructor. He wants to sit on this panel because he personally wants to make a difference in the world. He loves working with kids and changing lives.

Zilaah R.

High School Sophomore

Zilaah wants to sit on this panel because she is curious to hear from others about what their experience has been like. She has participated in focus groups for Change for Kids before and is excited to take it to the next level to sit on this panel. She is a bookworm who loves to read!

Jasmine V.

College Sophomore

Jasmine V. Jasmine is looking forward to sitting on this panel to challenge her reserved personality and to learn some new things. This is something very new and different for her. Over the last few years, she's been advocating for youth in the foster care system, and can play the clarinet!