Should we be prioritizing emotional support over academics right now?

Parents Magazine

Jessica Sloan

As I sit down to write this piece, I hear the popular song lyrics playing in the back of my head: "What the world needs now is love sweet love." But this time love is not all that we need. It's also to feel normal. How do we make that happen during abnormal times?

For us adults, our worlds have been turned upside down. For some that means working from your home "office" with kids learning (or at times yelling) in the background. For others that may mean juggling parenthood in the midst of job loss and financial insecurity. And for many of us, it is navigating the unknown while balancing fear, instability, and mourning. This is by far the hardest thing many of us will experience in our lifetimes, even with fully developed brains that are ingrained with stress responses and coping mechanisms.

Can you imagine what it is like for our kids who do not have the same social-emotional and neurological capacities to process and cope?

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