Kevin Ervin

Executive Director, Change for Kids

Kevin Ervin @kevinervin1
Kevin Ervin joined the Change for Kids’ team as Executive Director in January 2019 where he has reinvigorated the vision and mission of the organization for its next exciting phase of evolution and impact. Kevin is a lifelong advocate for youth, and has worked to level the playing field for kids at organizations like Vacamas and Renaissance Youth Center, and at the NYC Department of Education. Always putting kids’ needs first, Kevin has spearheaded the creation of a number of mentorship programs, such as GLOW and FAST, and believes in the importance of positive role models in which youth can see themselves reflected. An accomplished musician and music producer, Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership from Northeastern University, and an Executive Masters in Public Administration from New York University as well as leadership fellowships from Rutgers Institute of Ethical Leadership and The Center for Creative Leadership.