Change For Kids Closing Announcement

To our friends, supporters, and sponsors,

Today we are writing to share some bittersweet news. After 28+ years, Change For Kids Board of Directors has decided to close our organization. We are incredibly proud of the remarkable impact we have had – serving thousands of students, raising millions of dollars to create opportunities in under-resourced schools, and engaging hundreds of caring staff and volunteers.

CFK has always been responsive. During the pandemic, we have shifted twice - first to meet a need from the City and our students - opening a Youth Engagement Center and ensuring students had a safe and enriching place to go on remote school days. Last fall we transitioned again - to running daily after school programs for 250 youth and offering in-school support to help bridge the learning gap many children are facing.

Our staff continually put the needs of our students over the safety and risk to themselves. As essential, front-line workers they bring excellence to our programs, despite the many challenges that exist during this pandemic. We are proud of their dedication and commitment.

Like so many other organizations, ours has been impacted by COVID-19. The needs of our schools and our team have changed. Due to leadership turnover and changes in the personal and professional lives of board members, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our schools, students and staff to execute a socially responsible wind-down of the organization. We will continue operations through the end of the school year to ensure that students and families have the CFK services on which they are currently relying.

We have a staff, board and junior board, donor community, and volunteers who have gone above and beyond for many years, and we are grateful to all of them. CFK has been working closely with schools and staff to ensure a seamless transition to new providers, new jobs, and clear next steps.

Although this news is sad, there is also so much in our history to celebrate. We are proud of all that we have done to positively impact the lives of our schools and families for almost three decades.

With appreciation and best wishes,

Natalie Auerbach
Board Chair