COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol

Change for Kids (CFK) is committed above all else to the health and safety of both its employees and the children in its programs. CFK rigorously follows the measures recommended by the CDC, and keeps abreast of all NYC and DOE news and regulations regarding the spread of COVID-19. To that end, the organization has drafted the following plan to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in its facilities.

  • CFK will follow the same threshold as the New York City Department of Education with regard to opening its centers. Therefore, if the percent of positive tests in New York City exceeds 3% using a 7-day rolling average, YECs will not open.
  • All staff will be asked to take a COVID-19 test prior to the facility opening. CFK will provide a list of testing centers to all staff.
  • CFK will keep masks, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and thermometers on hand at all times, and will continuously re-order these supplies as necessary.
  • CFK will encourage frequent hand-washing by both staff and students, and will ensure that all areas are properly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day as well as overnight prior to the next day’s programming.
  • Students and staff will eat lunch in the same learning pods in which they host their daily activities to minimize contact and continue appropriate social distancing measures.
  • CFK YECs will have a dedicated isolation room, where students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 can stay as appropriate safety measures are taken. It will also have a dedicated staff member to monitor this room if and when in use to ensure that others do not come in contact with symptomatic individuals.
  • CFK will ensure adequate ventilation in its YEC buildings, and will have ventilation systems checked by professionals prior to opening the building for use.
  • All students and staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. If someone arrives at the facility without a mask, one will be provided for them.

On a daily basis, CFK will take the following measures before allowing anyone into the building:

  1. Upon arrival at the Youth Engagement Centers, all staff, volunteers, and students will have their temperature checked by the Health & Safety Coordinator. The Program Director will take the temperature of the Health & Safety Coordinator to ensure that they have a temperature within normal range (97-99 degrees, with 98.6 being the average). Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees (the standard temperature to be considered a fever) will not be permitted entry to the building.
  2. If a staff member exhibits a fever, they will be sent home and encouraged to visit a doctor and get tested for COVID-19. The staff member will not be allowed back into the building until they present a doctor’s note stating that they have been tested and do not have COVID-19.
  3. If a student exhibits a fever, their parent or guardian will be called immediately and must come pick the child up. The child will not be allowed to re-enter the building without a doctor's note stating that they have been tested and do not have COVID-19.

Should a student or staff member become symptomatic during the operating hours of the YEC (8a-6p), the following protocol must be followed:

  1. If a student shows symptoms, the Health & Safety Coordinator will be called to escort the student to the isolation room, where they will be monitored until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. The Health & Safety Coordinator must immediately inform the Program Director.
  2. If a staff member shows symptoms, they must immediately inform the Health & Safety Coordinator as well as the Program Director. Staff members who become symptomatic during the operating hours must immediately leave the premises, and the Program Director must immediately assign a floater to continue to monitor the pod, or must monitor the pod themselves in the event there is no floater to take over.
  3. Should the child or staff member’s symptoms turn out to be serious, and a laboratory test confirms that they have COVID-19, the rest of the child’s learning pod including their assigned staff member must self-quarantine for 14 days. Should the symptoms not be related to COVID-19, students and staff are encouraged to stay home until they feel well enough to return and are no longer considered contagious.
  4. Should a student or staff member disclose that they have COVID-19, CFK staff will comply with the NYC Test & Trace Corps recommendations. This means that should someone test positive for COVID-19 the Test & Trace Corps will be in contact with you; they will ask about who you had been in contact with, and they will connect with these people to the best of their ability in order to encourage them to self-isolate. The NYC Test & Trace Corp will not disclose your name or personal information to your contacts, and will not ask you about nor disclose to anyone else your immigration status.
  5. Should a learning pod need to self-quarantine, the space they hold in the YEC will be deep-cleaned and sanitized prior to any return to the facility.

Change for Kids will follow the DOE plan for pod/facility closure:

Conclusion of Investigation During Investigation Post Investigation
A. 1 confirmed case Close Classroom Classroom remains closed for 14 days; students and staff in close contact with positive case self-quarantine for 14 days.
B. At least 2 cases linked together in school, same classroom Close Classroom Classroom remains closed for 14 days; students and staff in close contact with positive cases self-quarantine for 14 days
C. At least 2 cases linked together in school, different classrooms Close Facility Classrooms of each case remain closed and quarantined, additional school members are quarantined based on where the exposure was in the school (e.g., the locker room);
D. At least 2 cases linked together by circumstances outside of school (i.e., acquired by different setting and source) Close Facility Facility opens post investigation, classrooms remain closed for 14 days
E. At least 2 cases not linked but exposure confirmed for each one outside of school setting Close Facility School opens post investigation, classrooms remain closed for 14 days
F. Link unable to be determined Close Facility Close facility for 14 days

Workflow for employee coverage:

  1. Should a Remote Learning Specialist or After-School Group Leader show symptoms or test positive, a substitute/per diem/floater will be assigned for the duration of time until the original staff member can return to work safely. Should a floater not be available, the Program Director will cover the pod.
  2. Should the Program Director show symptoms or test positive, the Senior Director of Programs & Innovation must be notified and will cover the duties of the Program Director as needed. Should the SDPI be unavailable, the SDPO and/or ED will provide coverage as needed.
  3. Should the Health & Safety Coordinator show symptoms or test positive, a substitute/per diem/floater will be assigned. Should a floater not be available, the senior-most staff member on site with First Aid and CPR Certification will provide coverage as needed, and a floater will be assigned to their normal duties.