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To the Black and Brown Kids Who Still Work Hard: Keep Pushing.

Over the past few years, social media has shed light on discrepancies in the proverbial American Dream: young people of color being gunned down, inequities in treatment of flight passengers and most recently, the ability to pay one’s way into their college of choice. Cuffs are being slapped on the ...Learn More

International Women’s Day - a Reflection

Today being International Women’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to honor the contributions of the women in the CFK community. I reflect on the strength that’s held in our sector and our organization through powerful women. The cornerstone of the youth development and education sector ...Learn More

The Penguin Party™

By Amanda Downy, Nealy Hale, Suraj Jain, and Cassie Rolnick February’s a short month , but it’s also really significant in our world. Every February, the Change for Kids Junior Board hosts our annual fundraising gala - The Penguin Party - and wPP Blog post ...Learn More

Kevin Ervin on Leaders, Learning, and Listening

Sitting down in my third week as Executive Director of Change for Kids, I reflect. This period of time has been a whirlwind of handshakes, agreements, decision watching and decision making, consultations, smiles, questions and answers, head nods and a whole heap of listening. I have, in this time, relearned ...Learn More

“What are the consequences of not measuring up?”

This question was posed in this week’s Chalkbeat article , “New York is about to release a new list of struggling schools. Here’s what you should know.” But before we go any further, let’s really consider every angle of the question. Because the consequences of “not ...Learn More

Welcome to Kevin Ervin, our new Executive Director!

kevinervin Kevin Ervin is now the Executive Director of Change for Kids. He’s a passionate advocate for public schools, and joins us from the NYC Department of Education District 2, where he held both operational and administrative roles. An individualized approach to strengthening ...Learn More

A Few of Our Favorite Things in 2018

The New Year is almost upon us. All the hard-working students, staff, and School Managers in CFK’s partner schools are enjoying a well-deserved holiday break. We’re looking back at 2018 with gratitude, and forward to 2019 with optimism and determination. There were so many highlights from ...Learn More

Our Holiday Drive was a Huge Success, Thanks to You!

Again and again, our corporate sponsors, individual donors, and volunteers go the extra mile for the students in Change for Kids schools. This holiday season, everyone was especially generous! As we distribute Wish List holiday gifts, coats, and shoes in our schools, seeing the excitement and joy on ...Learn More

In Praise of Our Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to everything we do at Change for Kids. You help us with everything: from working to improve literacy with our elementary school scholars through Reading Buddies and Build-A-Book activities, introducing them to coding, and helping bring their creativity to life. When we need you ...Learn More

#WHYCFK Wednesday Leadership Roundtable

Among the many programs CFK runs, our Leadership Roundtables stand out as an important way to support our school leaders. They are collaborative forums for understanding schools’ needs and help create avenues to provide the necessary solutions. These in-person gatherings of principals and School Managers ...Learn More