6 Videos To Watch

Our 6 favorite CFK Digital videos to watch with your remote learner - NOW!

You and your remote learner are inside more than ever - and the struggle is real. Luckily, Change for Kids has an incredible, convenient, and free Digital Resource Library to support you and your family! Here you’ll find a variety of indoor activities, sure to keep your little ones occupied in between study time and snack breaks. These are a sample of our favorites, so check out the entire library for hundreds of additional options!

Endless Possibilities, Episode 1, "Whatever You Feel"

Do you ever struggle with sharing your feelings? Well, you're not the only one. Join Possibility and their friends in Change for Kids’ limited animated series for children.
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Guest Reader Digital - Ketzel, the Cat who Composed

Join CFK Volunteer, Jenny, who reads Ketzel, the Cat who Composed by Lesléa Newman, in one of our most popular Guest Reader Digital videos!
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CFK Crafts - Tissue Box Monsters

With just tissue boxes and supplies you already have at home, you and your little ones can create scary and silly monsters. Perfect for Halloween - or anytime!
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Guest Reader Digital - Happy Birthday, Moon

Join CFK Volunteer, Matthew, who reads one of our favorite books: Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch.
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Get Moving! - Online fitness class with Ashley Mitchell

Professional trainer Ashley Mitchell leads us through a stellar workout the whole family can do from home - no equipment necessary!
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CFK Crafts - Plastic Cup Windmills

Follow along and learn how to make adorable windmills out of plastic cups and supplies you already have at home. A great indoor activity to keep your kids occupied - and learning about wind!
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