5 Ways To Keep Your Remote Learner Engaged

While your teachers and schools are doing everything they can to keep your kids safe and happy, remote learning presents new challenges for parents, educators, and kids alike. While every child is different, here are some tips for keeping your kid engaged and loving remote learning!

  • Just like we need a space to work from home, your child needs a place to learn from home! Even if it’s just a corner of their bedroom or the living room, designating a special learning environment that is just for remote learning can help your kid stay focused and on task when they are sitting in that space. Bonus activity idea--let them help decorate it!
  • Now that they are on a screen more than ever, use break time or leisure time as a chance to do something off-screen, like baking, playing outside, or arts & crafts. One of our favorite at-home crafts is making paper bag puppets. Watch the CFK Crafts tutorial on www.cfkdigital.org, first--then go off-screen. It’s easy enough to watch once and then do on your own without our help!
  • While it’s important to keep in mind social distancing, it is vital to provide opportunities for children to socialize. If it’s safe, arrange socially distanced outdoor play with friends when possible. Set up Zoom or FaceTime dates with their friends and family.
  • First things first, this new normal is hard for everyone, and especially kids. Take lots of breaks for snacks, stretching, and to allow for processing time for new lessons. We love a good brain break. The Go Noodle App has some great ideas for quick ways to get kids moving at home.
  • Whether that is a new routine, a new ritual, a new snack after school--if something isn’t working for your remote learner, mix it up! Try new activities and crafts via Change for Kids’ Digital Resource Library. In the Library, you’ll find music lessons, books read aloud, and more--all ways to shake it up and keep it interesting!