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2013-14 School Year
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Fun-Loving Charity Seeks:

...dedicated, young-at-heart partners for friendship, good times, meaningful work. Sense of humor appreciated. Interests include: education, social events around NYC, making a difference in the community. From mentoring a student to beautifying our schools; let us know when you're free and we'll set you up with one of our many rewarding opportunities. Become a volunteer now.

Volunteer Programs

One-on-One Literacy TutoringTutoring
V-O-L-U-N-T-E-E-R to help our kids build their vocabulary and become confident readers; facilitate activities focused on essential vocab words, listening skills, pronunciation, and reading comprehension. You'll develop a deep and meaningful relationship with the child you mentor while helping him or her master the English language.  Semster or year-long commitment is required. Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per week, during weekday mornings.

School Beautification

School Beautification Day
Grab a paintbrush or a hammer and enjoy the company of fellow Change for Kids volunteers, as we turn dreary walls into breathtaking hand-painted murals, plant fresh gardens, and revitalize tired libraries. Participate in one of CFK's four school beautification projects a year, and help us make school a welcoming and inspiring place for our students to be. Time Commitment: 5 hours on Saturday.

Story LoveStory Love
In need of a good read? CFK's Story Love nights bring together volunteers to review fun, original stories written by our students. You'll learn of The Adventures of Captain Shortpants and discover the tale of Lulu the Alien. And you'll help our kids embrace creative writing by providing each of them positive feedback through personal, hand-written notes. Time Commitment: 2 hours in the evening.


Pearson ABC Book Days
A guaranteed-to-cheer-you-up event with CFK's most adorable children. The Pearson ABC Book Days program brings CFK volunteers out to our four partner schools to help pre-K and kindergarten students create personalized ABC books. You'll snap photos of beyond cute kids holding props and smiling big, and then help make books to take home to their families to read together. Time Commitment: 4 hours during the school day.

CFK OfficeOffice Help
CFK has a bustling but cozy little office in midtown Manhattan, where friendly banter, random visitors, and political arguments are par for the course. We're always on the lookout for people willing to help with general administrative duties, mailings, and event planning, so if you're ready to pitch in, we want to meet you! Fair warning, though - this place is addictive. Time Commitment: As much as you're willing to give.

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