Super Chefs: a New Event Becomes an Instant Classic

This year was the inaugural Super Chefs event, and a step in a completely different direction from Bowl for Kids. But by the end of the evening, it was clear to everyone that we would have to do Super Chefs again next year...and the year after that. It was a huge success!

The super chefs themselves created mouth-watering tastings to please a crowd of 400. Chef Chris Santos prepared pork belly B.L.T. tacos; chef Maneet Chauhan prepared moong daal chaat in semolina puffs with mint cilantro water; chef Gabe Thompson prepared pork meatballs with polenta, bacon, tomato and Parmesan; chef Abraham Salum prepared Guajillo chile, wild mushroom and Oaxaca cheese tamales with braised chicken and Komali’s finger salsa tamale; and chef Vincent Chirico prepared a hamachi and yellowfin tuna duo with preserved ginger sauce and avocado.

From a campaign that raised more than $250,000, to chefs who are eager to stay involved with their partner schools, Super Chefs was a remarkable - and fun - experience. And we think, by looking at these photos, you can see that on every face.

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Want to see more? Click here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Super Chefs campaign and event!