Adorable Pics and Useful Vocab for CFK Runners

Looking for the full set of Run for Kids pics? Click here.

The NYC weather gods may not have been with us for Run for Kids 2011, but the lively turnout and new CFK loot more than made up for the plunging temperatures and crotchety winds. If you made it out, you know: Run for Kids this year featured some of the best gear of any previous CFK event, including sleek t-shirts with our new logo and some pretty amazing signage thanks to Andrij Boris and Alicia Kubista.

Congratulations go out to Terry McLean and Mike Quinzio, who smoked the rest of the competition by finishing in 18:31 and 19:10, respectively, as well as Sophia Sheng, our fastest female finisher, and Gavin Meaney, our top kid runner. Many thanks and warm hugs to the volunteers who stood still for the duration of the event, keeping the runners cheery and on track. Luis Morales, John Faison and our new Development Director, Ashley Faison, came through big time with photos of every single runner. If you can’t locate yourself in the album above, be sure to check out our FLICKR PAGE for the master set of pics.

A very young CFK runner prepares for the race

Those of you who survived Saturday may have spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince your friends and loved ones how truly awesome your run was despite the seriously low temps. Forthwith, and for your convenience, a few useful terms to describe your experiences at Run for Kids 2011:

Strollerize: v. To roll over the competition despite additional burdens such as strollers or small dogs. See also Scott Delman.

McLean Up: v. To achieve an extravagant victory; eponymous term referring to Terry McLean’s 18:31 5k.

Pitcher Relief: n. The palliative effect of adult beverages at the Village Pourhouse after-party.

We’ll be accepting suggestions for further CFK-related definitions via the comments section of this post.

Thanks for such a fun time this weekend!

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