Update from the Story Pirates

Story Pirates Performing

Story Pirates Performing

Jamie Salka, the founder and CEO of Story Pirates program, relayed the following story of Jean Carlos, a student at our Harlem school:

Two years ago, Jean Carlos, a first grader at PS 154 in Harlem, cautiously scrawled a few sentences about trick-or-treating during a Story Pirates writing workshop. It made us smile, and to his great surprise, we chose to perform Jean Carlos’ story, “The Little Ghost,” in front of his entire school. Since then, we have presented the sketch in dozens of assemblies throughout New York.

When we returned to PS 154 this fall (as we have each year since we began – it was the first school we ever visited), Jean Carlos approached a Story Pirates teacher and proudly submitted a folded piece of looseleaf. Inside was a confident, quirky and expansive story called “The Little Ghost 2.” Written in his free time, it was an impressively fleshed out sequel, slyly peppered with pop culture references and satirical allusions to the original; not bad for a third grader. Many of the characters were the same, but Jean Carlos the writer was in a new league.

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