Cutest. Children. Ever.

Do you know your A-B-Cs?  Our Pre-K kids sure do, and they proved it this week!  For what is by far our most adorable volunteer opportunity, stellar CFK community members headed out to our four partner schools to help students make personalized ABC books.  The beyond-cute kiddos (and a few fabulous parents and grandparents) turned into perfect print models, as we took portraits of them holding props and smiling big.  The photos were then turned into stickers to place in their very own books (P is for penguin!) to take home to read with family.  Say cheese!  The A-B-Cs according to C-F-K:

Adorable 4yr old Pre-K students learning their A-B-C’s.

Books in which you are the main character!

F is for Flower!

CFK volunteers sharing their time and talents with our kids.

Dedicated families having fun together.

Everyone gets his/her very own ABC book.

Families reading together, always a good time.

Grins and smiles fill the room.

Helping each other learn the alphabet.

I  love Pearson ABC Book Days!

Join us for volunteer opportunities all year long.

Kat is actually spelled with a C.

Learning your letters is a good thing.

Making reading fun and easy.

Now!  This year’s Pearson ABC Book Days are happening this week — be sure to catch us next year.

Oh, how I wish I had a Pearson ABC Book Day when I was little.

Pearson Foundation.  Thank you for your support!

Quiet….shhhh….I’m learning to read.

Reading is fundamental.

Sticker books are my favorite!

Taking pictures to share with our friends and family.

University of Virginia, here I come. (Wahoowa!)

Victory is upon us, only four letter left…

Z is for Zebra!

We love our CFK partner schools!

X is the third least common in the English language, did you know that?

Young children can sing their A-B-Cs.

Zero letters left, can you believe it?!  Success.

Little Readers: A Roundup from the Pearson ABC Book Days

A massive dose of adorable, the Pearson ABC Book Days bring together pre-Kindergarten students and their parents to celebrate family reading. CFK volunteers help students put together their very own personalized ABC book, then send the whole family home with a Penguin Classic book of their choice. Check out a selection of photos from this year’s program (and consider joining us next year!), as we get the littlest CFK students on the road to reading.