Santa Crawl 2011: It’s all for the kids!

Santa Crawl 2011

If you were wandering around lower Manhattan last Saturday looking for holiday gifts, you may have instead found holiday cheer – in the form of 40 strapping, young Santas caroling and merry-making their way through New York City.  Santa Crawl is an annual all-male bar crawl that requires participants to sport the quintessential suit, hat, and white beard all day long; and this year, the guys teamed up with Change for Kids to raise funds for our four partner elementary schools.

CFK caught up with Junior Council Co-Chair Andrew Maxwell (who, we have to admit, looks dashing in red) to recap the day’s festivities.

Q: Why did you participate in this year’s Santa Crawl?

A: What better way to enjoy the holidays than dressed in a Santa costume, singing “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” while going from bar to bar with a bunch of your friends?  Add that to the fact that we were raising funds for CFK, and there was no way I was going to miss it.

Q: How many bars did you all visit?

A: Six in total – Puck Fair Bar, Bleecker Street Bar, Amity Hall, Off The Wagon, Barrow Street Alehouse, and Village Tavern.

Q: Describe your outfit for us.

A: A full Santa costume is required – I spiced mine up a little bit with a pair of Knockaround sunglasses and some Superman Mardi Gras beads – and, of course, the prerequisite Change for Kids button and hat!

Q: What was your favorite part of the day?

Washington Square Park

A: The best part of the day was definitely singing carols in Washington Square Park.  Our entire group walked out into the middle of the fountain area, which was dry due to the winter season, and took requests from the crowd as we all belted out Christmas tunes in unison.  It was really cool to sing carols that the kids in the crowd wanted to hear.  By the end of our sing-a-long, there was a large crowd gathered around, and we took pictures with lots of different groups.

Q: Wow, sounds like a fun day!  Did you eat anything in between the bars and carols?!

A: Between Barrow Street Alehouse and Village Tavern, a few Santas picked up pizza – so we munched on that while we walked and caroled.  After it was all over, I went home and snacked on a monster burrito from Dos Toros. I almost slept in my Santa costume but thought it’d be better to fold it up, place it in the closet and save it for next year!

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