Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Thanks, that is, to Wright Harvey, the UVaClub of New York and 16 very cool young women from Girls Quest.

Their awesome showing at the P.S. 154 school beautification day meant that we were able to knock out a full lineup of chores, including a welcome mural in the mail room and some serious cleanup work in the garden. It was one of those days of miraculously gorgeous weather, and in between painting vegetables, pulling weeds and channeling Dr. Seuss, we managed to catch some rays on the blacktop playground and survive an endless barrage of bad jokes from Director of Operations Mike Quinzio. Our 6’7” Executive Director Colin Smith really came in handy for the finishing touches on the Healthy Eating mural, and Wright, as usual, pulled out all the stops in his designs for the school. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him, make sure to check the blog next month for a very special interview with our favorite CFK muralist.

Jealous of the fantastic fun we all had? Just fill out our volunteer form, and we’ll send you all the details for next time!

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