Community Spotlight: Meet Alicia Jayo

As some of you may know (because you took a look at our spiffy 2010-2011 stats, of course), this is the year we more than tripled our volunteer numbers and very nearly doubled the number of individual donors—fabulous news that nearly rolled us over as we were crunching the numbers here at the end of the summer.

Alicia Jayo CFK

Alicia, our new Director of Community Engagement (on the right!)

Luckily we also had a great year in terms of board additions, which meant we were able to bring on Alicia Jayo, our new Director of Community Engagement, veteran e-warrior, and unabashed sushi addict (“I order sushi probably 4 nights out of the week,” she says). When she’s not chowing down on spicy crunchy tuna or eel avocado rolls, she’ll be cracking the whip on our contacts database, rounding up volunteers, and making our digital media go. You’ll be seeing a lot of her over the next several months, and that means we’ll be seeing a more of you!

Official Title: Director of Community Engagement

Her Motto: “Hands off my Salesforce”

Unofficial Duties: Snuggling with Kona

Random Tidbits: This 2009 art history major is the daughter of a Puerto Rican father and Kansan mother. She orders sushi four nights out of the week, and her TV choices range from The Wire to Game of Thrones.

Relevant Background: Prior to joining the CFK team, Alicia was the Executive Director of the Virginia Club of New York, the University of Virginia’s alumni group in NYC—which means she comes prepared to corral the few remaining NYC UVA alums who are not involved in the organization.  She now sits on the Virginia Club’s Board of Directors, on its Membership & Marketing Committee, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Harriman Cup Polo Match and Benefit.  A native of Winston-Salem, NC, Alicia moved to the city after graduating from U.Va. in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in both Art History and History.

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