The Inaugural “Holiday Wish” Coloring Contest

P.S. 73 Winner Bernie Marte with his 4th grade teacher Ms. Reynoso

I’ve been very lucky to not only intern in the CFK office, but to oversee our Brooklyn Tech tutoring program at partner school P.S. 243 in Crown Heights. Brooklyn Tech’s Change Club travels to the Weeksville School every Thursday to provide homework help to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I get the pleasure of working specifically with a vibrant bunch of 3rd graders and their tutors.

One of my favorite Thursdays was spent helping them visualize and draw their “Holiday Wish.” This season, CFK created a festival coloring contest – the winning image from each school would be featured on our inaugural holiday cards. When I told my students that they would get to draw during their tutoring session, I was met with great enthusiasm.

P.S. 243 Purple Snow-girl

I had great fun observing the students eagerly brainstorming with their tutors. I circled the tables, landing first at Angel’s table. He proudly reviewed his masterpiece with me, “This is my family at our Christmas meal, and that’s my grandpa. I have a big Dominican family.” Over at Nubia and Maya’s table, the best friends were also drawing family scenes, along with elaborate holiday presents. At Anthony and Elvin’s table, they were having their own coloring contest of who could draw the better picture. While Anthony drew a towering electric blue building, Elvin was drawing an impressive Christmas tree with Santa approaching in his sleigh. I spy an artist in the making here. Finally, my personal favorite was Elena’s drawing of a “Purple Snow-girl.” So I have to admit I’m a bit partial to purple, it’s my favorite color. But regardless, who doesn’t like a nice twist on a classic holiday character? As always, I left P.S. 243 with a smile that day.

The holiday coloring contest was an excellent way to begin the new season at our schools. I hope all the kids had as much fun participating as the office did in going through the entries. It was a great way to see quick snapshots of the students through their holiday wishes and their artistic talents. Congratulations to all the winners. Pick up your pack today!100% of proceeds benefit our programs.


P.S. 243 Artist: Brittany Kennedy, Ms. Davis’ 4th Grade, Age 8
P.S. 15 Artist: Steven Ponce, Mr. Laliberte’s 3rd Grade, Age 8
P.S. 73 Artist: Bernie Marte, Ms. Reynoso’s 4th Grade, Age 10
P.S. 81 Artist: Rogelio Vargas, Ms. Fraser’s 2nd Grade, Age 7
P.S. 160 Artist: Sharon Sukhu, Ms. Reill’s 4th Grade, Age 10

Modern Ink Feature!

We’ve been drooling for a week now over Modern Ink – a sweet new online design magazine with laid-back aesthetic and gorgeous layouts. But we have to admit our favorite thing about the publication is the five page(!) CFK feature in their winter edition. Check it out below and then head over to Modern Ink to read the rest of the issue.

The CFK Stac(e)y Bracelet: Give Back in Style

The CFK Stac(e)y Bracelet from designer Stacy Helfstein

The CFK Stac(e)y Bracelet got some very cool coverage last week, thanks to the super chic design trio of Laura Day, Stacy Helfstein and Design Milk.  Proceeds from the sale of Stac(e)y Bracelets go right to CFK, so check out the blog entry and then scurry back to purchase one of your own. It’s a stylishly simple way to help a great cause.

Mark your calendars! FAN4Kids hits big time on November 18

Most of the time when we launch a pilot program in one of our schools, it grows slowly—building momentum after several months of successful implementation and tons of feedback from administrators, teachers, students and parents. Not so with FAN4Kids, our new fitness and nutrition program, which came off the starting line at a full out sprint.

Justin Jones leads a rousing warm-up session at P.S. 243

Mike Quinzio managed to catch Ms. Toussaint’s 2nd grade class during their second fitness session with instructor Justin Jones. In addition to a full battery of running skipping, hopping, dancing, leg lifts, stretching and general wiggling, Justin’s lesson plan for the day included some serious strength training. “The kids loved doing the pushups,” says Mike. “It was kind of funny. The girls even more than the boys. Their hair was carefully done, and they were all nicely dressed, but they just knocked out those pushups.”
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